Sector’s Edge – Game review

Sector’s Edge is a free-to-play shooter game developed by Rocket Skeleton and published by Vercidium. Both are fairly new studios that collaborated to release this tried-and-tested Voxel-based game style that we do not see much of anymore.

A Voxel-based team shooter with battlefield game mechanics

Game mechanics

The game operates on very simple game mechanics where the developers have modelled it in a Voxel environment, as mentioned before. But because of just this one feature, Sector’s Edge provides a very diverse, destructible setting where the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Sector's Edge - Review

And, adding on top of that, Sector’s Edge also follows an almost battlefield like play mechanic, where the game provides a unique 8v8 multiplayer experience that is essentially unlike anything else that we have seen in the shooter genera in a very long time.

Now, there are games like Open Spades and other such games, that follows a very similar game concept, but they are quite old, and there is nothing that special about these game except the Voxel-based level designs. But, Sector’s Edge is something unique. So, let’s dive into the gameplay and see how the game fares in its competitive game design.


As previously mentioned, the game has an 8v8 multiplayer game design, where the players are plunged into a level where essentially all the environmental elements are Voxel-based and can be destroyed. The player can use this to their advantage and play in an extremely diverse style that is essentially impossible in most modern shooters.

But it is not just about destroying everything. The game also has a building element to it as we have seen in Fortnite. Sector’s Edge takes it one step further where instead of using the building element just for defense and going around, the player can fix a broken wall, build their forts like in Minecraft and just have a fun build and shoot playtime.

This allows the player to use a variety of tactics to ambush their enemies and have a fun little competitive bout where not everything is about the shooting.

Sector’s Edge has many more elements that make the gameplay more strategic and the play experience more unique, all in an incredibly beautiful and picturesque environment.


Voxel games are normally not that good-looking, where the game follows a clean and structured design but the lack of detail makes the gaming experience not that good.

Sector's edge gameplay

But Sector’s Edge is not like that at all. The levels are incredibly beautiful, and even though the building and game elements are very box-like, which is typical of Voxel-based games, but the lighting in Sector’s Edge is just fantastic.

Where especially the sky’s in each level are just breathtaking, and the gun design has just the right bit of to make them appealing.

Sector’s Edge is one of the most beautiful Voxel games out there with a good game design and a well-executed launch without bugs, making this free game a must play Voxel shooter!


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