Genshin Impact is a game that focuses on a ton of resource gathering a HUGE amount of grinding. This isn’t an uncommon theme with games that rely heavily on characters, World of Warcraft for example does the same. Albeit World of Warcraft has a much simpler and efficient system instead of the hundreds of resources to gather in Genshin Impact. In this particular guide we choose to focus on WHERE you should be investing your time in the game. What resources you should be farming, where from and why! So, let’s get into it.


Resin - Genshin Impact

First off is Resin. Resin is the main resource that passively replenishes itself over time, however it is capped at a certain limit and you cannot cross that threshold. Do you spend your Resin on World Bosses to acquire Gladiator Artifact Set Pieces for example? Well no, you should only ever go for bosses once you’ve decided to max out a character. You check what the character requires, for example if they do require the Gladiator Artifact Set, then you should definitely spend your Resin on those bosses. Though if you do choose to raise a character; you should definitely focus your Resin on Weapon Material and Talent Material farming.

Why? Because World Bosses are open every day, whereas all of the Weapon Material and Talent Material farming spots are only open certain days of the week. You should constantly check what you need before you spend your Resin, and we would suggest that you really keep your focus off of Artifact Farming until you’re Adventure Rank is 45. Because if you don’t have that rank, you’re not going to be getting guaranteed Gold artifacts and gemstones. Keep that in mind as you farm.

When it comes to weekly bosses, absolutely spend your Resin on them. They come with a TON of collectible items that can fill up your inventory. These drops are usually filled with really important materials and artifacts that you always should have even if you don’t need them.



These are micro-transactions, you have to buy these with real money to acquire them. Primogems are spent on buying wishes, also known as Summons.

These Summons can have great drops in them, that is for sure. But the main point of Summons is not to give you God tier loot, it is more about giving back the more important currency such as Star Glitter and Star Dust.

Stardust is the less important one, you spend these on items that you can easily farm in the game.


Starglitter on the other hand is GREAT. Starglitter can be used to buy more summons, which honestly means more Stardust AND Starglitter. However, Starglitter is much harder to acquire than Stardust, because it has a bigger impact as a currency.

With Starglitter you can buy more summons and you can buy weapons for specific characters although you shouldn’t be doing this as they aren’t very good. The best use of Starglitter is to buy characters, you can use the collected Starglitter to buy characters within game without a chance of RNG. Making this effectively one of the best currencies in the game!


genshin impact mora

Mora is arguably the most important part of progression in the game! Mora can be collected for the entirety of the month, and can just be used up in a matter of seconds. It isn’t hard to acquire, but it costs so much Mora to progress your characters, that its just insanely hard to do. So you definitely need a ton of Mora to raise your characters, my suggestion is that you should stop levelling them up when they are at Level 80.

You also have Artifacts, which require a ton of Mora to level them up as well. Only raise really good artifacts once you reach a high level in game, but if you’re in early game you can also raise mediocre level artifacts and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. When it comes to weapons, they are just as expensive as raising a character honestly. They cost a ton of gold, a ton of ores just to get a bit more base-ATK damage and CRIT damage or chance. Again, only spend it on weapons that you REALLY require and don’t take them above 80 if you don’t have to.


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