Five Reasons Cyberpunk 2077’s Launch Went So Wrong

Just in case you do in fact live under a rock, the game that was right years in the making is finally here and it’s making waves. Sadly though, it’s mostly for all the wrong reasons. Cyberpunk 2077, the most anticipated game of the year finally hit the shelves on December 10th. Yet at time of writing, the game has been pulled from digital stores and refunds are being issued to anyone unhappy with the game they invested in.

Now you might be thinking, how can a game with a star-studded line up, production value through the nose and a development team behind 2015’s game of the year, The Witcher III: Wild Hunt go so horribly wrong? Well, that is exactly what we aim to explore as we look at the five key reasons that lead to the calamity that was Cyberpunk 2077’s launch.

#1 – Far From The Finished Article

Despite CDPR delaying this game twice before the eventual release, this game would still feel incomplete at launch. Even on the highest spec PC’s out there and next-gen hardware, this was plain to see. Glitches, bugs, crashes and game-breaking issues became a common problem for anyone trying to finish a full playthrough for this title. So as we all went in our droves to purchase this one, we had a right to feel short-changed.

#2 – Developmental Crunch

A bit of crunch can spice up a gourmet meal or add a new layer to a tasty soup. However, in the development process of games, this is almost always a terrible thing. Employees of CDPR were required to work around the clock to finish Cyberpunk 2077, with six-day weeks months before launch being a mandatory requirement for all staff. This of course was something that CDPR promised staff wouldn’t have to endure, yet they were lied to, overworked and therefore, produced a rushed and poorly optimised game.

#3 – Last Gen Was An Afterthought

For many playing on next-gen hardware, the Cyberpunk experience, although far from perfect, has been an enjoyable one. However, for last-gen players, this game has truly left a sour taste. This version of the game has been critically and publicly panned for laughable visuals, countless unplayable sections and overall has shown that CDPR were only interested in getting this one out the door and servicing the next-gen and PC community.

This was even confirmed by a leaked press conference transcript showing that CDPR were aware of the last-gen versions flaws. Pretty shady stuff.

#4 – A Marketing Mishap

Although in the initial stages for the launch of this game, the marketing campaign had worked like a charm, CDPR executives soon seen the error of their ways. This game has marketed without the inclusion of the last-gen version gameplay in any of the trailers, screenshots or other media covering the game. Plus, the content shown was not a true and accurate portrayal of what the player would do within the game. In short, the player was promised the moon and in truth, didn’t even get as close as the surrounding stars.

#5 – Crashing The Hype Train

Then lastly, we have the fact that this game gave itself a mountain to climb. A mountain that’s summit was never within reach. The hype around this title has only been seen a handful of times before. The game ‘No Man’s Sky’ springs to mind.

So when the game finally arrived, it really didn’t matter how great it was as it would never be good enough. This game was put on a pedestal, touted as the game to revolutionize the medium and we are only disappointed that is fell quite as shy of the mark as it did.


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